What's Preventing Web Industry From Entering a $500 Billion Market?

Mar 15, 2022

Teal Flower

The narrative in the last few years around the metaverse seemed that we were stepping into a 3D world. 

Compared to the $15 billion web market, this immersive media industry was predicted to be worth a whopping $500 Billion. 

As digital artists and creators, there was so much earning potential to be made for us. So why are we all still stuck in a 2D world? 

The bottom line is that making immersive content is far too difficult and expensive. This is exactly why you don't see more 3D Websites. It takes a long time to make, usually around 3 to 4 months, and needs a team of rare WebGL developers.

So all the cost and all the tricky tech stuff behind these 3D sites have kept them out of reach for us. We simply don't have the time and resources to create them, simply put, no one can really afford them. 

This is why 3D websites are reserved for the Fortune 500 companies, for those who have infinite resources. Guess who is one of the largest creators of 3D Websites? LVMH. 

The missing piece in this puzzle is making it easy for us to make these 3D websites. We need to make it just as easy and quick to make as a regular website. Otherwise, things will never change. 

Finally, times are changing with no-code builders and A.I, and we can realize the potential of this new market. Once it's easy to create for everyone involved, we can enjoy making immersive content and start to expand the web industry into something much bigger. 

Are you ready to learn more about how we are making this possible for you?